Your Complete Dental Practice in Sherman Texas

We provide complete cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, and periodontics in addition to general dentistry services. We look forward to providing you the most exceptional, painless, You-centered care of any dentist in Sherman Texas.


General Dentistry

As your general dentist, Dr Sam takes responsibility for the diagnosis, treatment and overall coordination of services to meet your oral health needs. Have a look at what we offer.


Cosmetic Dentistry

Our belief is that all cosmetic dentistry requires training, experience, the latest technology, and artistic ability, but true excellence in cosmetic dentistry requires our level of passion for creating beautiful smiles.


Pediatric Dentistry

Your child deserves a lifetime of excellent oral health. Good habits start early, and at Dr Sam’s Premier Dentistry, our mission is to help you raise the next generation of smiling and healthy patients.


Patient Feedback and Reviews

What Our Patients Say…

  • My experience w premier dentistry was painless- comfortable and very professional. Keep up the great work. Thank you Dr.Sam and your office ladies!

    Dinita M.
  • I am so scared to have anything done to my teeth because they are so sensitive. Everything went great and it didn’t hurt a bit! Everyone is so nice and welcoming every time I come and get any work done.

    Kenna B
  • As soon as we arrived at the office, the girl at the front desk made us feel welcomed and Steve was very comfortable. The service was great, and the prices where reasonable. We recently moved to Sherman and I am glad we finally found our family dentist. Thank you!

    Steve G.
  • Great and efficient job. Very professional staff at all levels!

    Hugh L.
  • Everyone in Dr Sam’s office was very friendly.

    Debra C.
  • Perfect service in every way; I love their care and attention!

    Carol D.
  • My FIRST Root Canal and it was AMAZING.

    Dan B.
  • I had great experience at Dr. Sam’s once again. They cleaned and checked for problems and found NONE! The staff is very friendly and takes care of you.

    Howard M.
  • Dr. Sam has renewed my faith in doctors with integrity. He has restored health to my teeth and gums and has included me in the process and respects my wishes about not using fluoride. I just love him and his staff, they care about you as a person and not a patient!

    Jennifer M.
  • I had several things done at once and was quite anxious until I arrived but at once I was put at ease and the procedure was painless – the Dr and staff were just wonderful I have told my friends to use this Dentist – they will not be sorry. Thanks again!

    Sundra H.
  • My wife needed work to her dentures. We were tired of nothing working with a bar another competitor had placed in her mouth to hold the dentures. The doctors at Premier Dentistry came up with a plan. I am delighted to say it is working! It may cost a penny or two more but nothing beats the smile of your wife with teeth again greeting you when you come home in the evening!

    Willis R.
  • My husband and I went in for our regular teeth cleaning yesterday. They do a great job, and we love the friendliness of all the staff.

    Emory S.
  • All of the staff at Dr Sam’s are very friendly, courteous and professional. It’s so nice to visit a place where everyone treats you like you are their only patient. The environment is very pleasant and clean. Care is taken to make sure you are comfortable throughout your procedures as well as the aftercare process. I highly recommend them for all your dental needs.

    LeAnn B.
  • Never been to a dentist office like this one. Customer service is awesome! Everyone I met was extremely nice and they make you feel at home. I liked the tour they give. Would recommend.

    Steven C
  • You guys are awesomely the best. The best part is u guys take the skeered out of n that builds trust n takes away the stigma n anxiety of making a appt n showin up too. Way to go!!!! Good job to the Mr. Sam Gang.

    Ronnie F.
  • I have had a lot of experiences with Dentists in my lifetime. I am in the middle of receiving an implant. I have received excellent care thus far. I like to be awake during a procedure. I also do not like taking heavy duty pain medications. After my procedure, I was very pleased. I had no swelling, no bleeding, and my pain was easily managed with over the counter pain medication.

    Sharon H.
  • The post implant went very well, with no after surgery pain, bleeding or swelling. The process was similar to getting a dental x-ray and I felt fine that evening. Dr. Sam did an outstanding job and I highly recommend this procedure for anyone needing a permanent fix for tooth loss. -Hugh Wilson

    Hugh W.
  • It was wonderful. Everyone explained what the steps were for the day. What to expect when I woke up and got home.

    Linda E.

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